How children learn-An overview of how children develop and learn.

From the birth of ababy to what influences a child’s learning environment. Positive and Negative reinforcement. What is egocentric?


The brain of a baby

When the baby is born, all of the organs the heart, lungs and kidneys are fully developed but smaller than an adult’s organs. All except the Brain.

Some brain cells are connected at birth, but most of them are not. Between the 6thweek and 5th month of pregnancy the baby’s brain will grow about 100 billion cells. Some of these brain cells are connected at birth, but most are not. So during the first five years the child’s brain is connecting these brain cells.

After 5 years of age they develop at a slower rate.

When you do something over and over again you develop a certain way of doing it. Something like this happens as the brain develops. Each time the baby uses one of his senses such as seeing, tasting, hearing and smelling a connection is made. When these experiences are repeated over and over again the connections in the brain become stronger and these connections shape the way the baby feels, behaves and learns. By about the age of three the brain has so many connections that the brain gets rid of the ones that are rarely used.....something like pruning the branches of a tree, so that the rest of the tree gets stronger......the brain only keeps the important connections.

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