Pre Reading Skills-When to begin? What you can do to encourage it. How to help babies develop necessary skills.

Is the child at the expected level of development for reading? Perception. Phonology. Pre reading activities.


Early diagnosis of learning disabilities is crucial to helping with the skills of reading.

The following checklist will help determine if the child is at an expected level of development.

  • The child enjoys being read to and has expressed an interest in favorite books.
  • The child is able to sit and listen to stories being read to him/her and takes an interest in the illustrations.
  • The child pretends to read by holding the book correctly, turns the pages and makes reference to the story from memory and from the pictures.
  • The child recognizes his/her own name and knows some of the letters of the alphabet.
  • When prompted the child recalls events in the story.
  • The child enjoys participating in songs, poems, and storybook times.
  • The child can distinguish the beginning, middle and end of the story.
  • Some children will have sound-symbol correspondence, they’ll know that the “b” is for the word ball etc.
  • If you can check most of the boxes there should be nothing to worry about. However, if the child isn’t displaying many of the readiness for reading characteristics, the child may be showing signs of having language delays or a learning disability.

A 2 hour Certificate of Completion is issued for this workshop.