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Toys and sex- stereotyping

Toys for children have been found in archaeological explorations dating back many centuries. tops, rattles, balls, dolls, miniature animals have been recovered in ancient ruins by archaeologists delving into the history of different cultures.

Many toys are the reflection of the times. They reflect the culture’s industrial progress, weapons and sex roles. During the French revolution, there were toy guillotines. Present day children have rifles, tanks and planes. When trains became a popular form of transportation toy trains became popular. Girls had dolls and miniature dishes.

Even today, with anti-sex stereotyping of jobs, and the sharing of raising children and doing housework, there are still boys-only and girls-only toys.

Generally, war type children’s tv programs and movies are sex typed also. You don’t see too many women in the programs, or in the advertisements playing with war games, bombs, guns and swords. If girls are involved they are usually subservient or in need of male help.

Is it wrong for girls to play with trucks and cars? they will probably learn to drive cars and take care of some mechanical maintenance of them when they get older.

Is it wrong for boys to play with dolls? They will probably be fathers someday and share in raising children.

Since many toys are scaled down replicas found in the adult world, we, as adults need to think about what we want to say to our children by what items we purchase for them.

Through extensive advertising toy companies dictate what they feel boys or girls should play with-boys should have super heroes who are always fighting and killing off enemies. girls should swoon over dolls with hair to comb and have items to cook and clean with.