Outdoor play without climbers

We try to use natural loose parts and recycles materials, Outdoor games.

Simple games that they play in third World countries.

Research study in nature based programs


Play is the children’s first method of engaging with the World and other people. Increasingly studies on child development are demonstrating that open-ended, self directed play is vitally important for children’s well being and development.

Before the start of companies making playground equipment, outdoor toys or gadgets, children creatively made their own fun with simple, cheap everyday materials, repurposed for play, such as sticks, stones, water, leaves, soil, sand etc. or recycled materials like cardboard boxes, ropes, fabric, lengths of pipe or milk crates etc..It could even include conceptual inspiration for play such as stories and ideas.

The great thing about using the cheap recycled “stuff” is that it doesn’t come with instructions or a set of directions, or a “right way” to use it. It is all up to the child’s imagination. The playground becomes rich with possibilities for play as children can decide to transform a cardboard box into a castle, or a lion’s cage, all in one afternoon.