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  Workshop 1 Learning Through Play $15.00
  Workshop 2 Child Behaviour $15.00
  Workshop 3 Children Express Anger $15.00
  Workshop 4 Perception & Motor Control $15.00
  Workshop 5 Music is all Around Us $15.00
  Workshop Bundle: Workshops 1-5 only $70
  Workshop 6 Early Childhood With Infants $15.00
  Workshop 7 Playing With Simple Equipment $15.00
  Workshop 8 Health & Safety $15.00
  Workshop Bundle: Workshops 6-8 only $40
  Workshop 9 Exploring Development $15.00
  Workshop 10 Sensory System $15.00
  Workshop 11 Muscular & Gross Motor Development $15.00
  Workshop 12 Fine Motor Development $15.00
  Workshop 13 Cognitive Development $15.00
  Workshop 14 Personal Skills $15.00
  Workshop 15 Social Skills $15.00
  Workshop 16 Communication $15.00
  Workshop 17 Storytelling $15.00
  Workshop 18 Block Play $15.00
  Workshop 19 The Challenging Child in Childcare $15.00
  Workshop 20 Pre-reading Skills $15.00
  Workshop 21 Sand Play and Therapy $15.00
  Workshop 22 How Children Learn $15.00
  Workshop Bundle: Workshops 20-22 only $40
  Workshop 23 Outdoor Play $15.00
  Workshop 24 Stress in Children $15.00
  Workshop 25 Evolving Curriculum $15.00
  Workshop 26 Toys. TV & Electronics $15.00
  Workshop 27 Drug Affected Babies $15.00
  Workshop 28 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome $15.00
  Workshop 29 Learning Disabilities and Development Delays $15.00
  Workshop 30 Behavioural Disorders $15.00
  Workshop Bundle: Workshops 27-30 $55.00
  Workshop 31 Characteristics of Successful Learning $15.00
  Workshop 32 Truth and Imagination $15.00
  Workshop 33 Creative Development $15.00
  Workshop 34 Knowledge Of The World $15.00
  Workshop 35 Observing Children $15.00
  Workshop 36 Separation Anxiety In Children $15.00
  Responsible Adult Course $50.00 On sale for a limited time

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