Parents and caregivers need to instil in their children a desire to be physically active. They need to create opportunities which enable their children to explore the potential of their own bodies and the world around them.

Integrated muscle coordination and how can we develop gross motor skills?

How do we encourage children to make the most of their physical abilities?

Make your own bean bags and play all of our bean bag games.

Use skipping ropes and play random games using simple equipment.

A 2 hour Certificate of Completion is issued for this workshop.

Exerpt from the Course.


From the time a baby is born his muscle development is apparent. You can watch a baby waving his arms and stretching his legs.

At first his movements are all over the place, but gradually he learns to control and coordinate his body.

Soon he will be stretching, grabbing, pulling, pushing, crawling and later walking.


Most people choose to use either their right or left hand for throwing, cutting, eating, writing etc., and most people prefer to kick or hop with either the right or left foot.

Most people will always choose the same eye when looking through a telescope or magnifying glass.

The chosen hand, eye or foot is called the “dominant” hand, eye or foot. Some children throw or kick with either hand or foot. However, by the age of five or six most children will have decided which hand or foot they prefer to use for most activities.

Once a child has established a preference for the left or right hand, do not encourage him to change. This could possibly cause emotional problems and learning difficulties at a later stage.


The space around us forms an extension of our bodies. Once the child has developed an awareness of his body he learns to judge space and distance.