What is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome? As caregivers we will most likely have interactions with children who were born addicted to opioids(Drugs). In this workshop you can learn What are opioids and what are the signs and symptoms of NAS. What are the most common side effects of drug exposure? Learn how drugs affect pregnancy. Some suggestions on how a child care facilitator can assist in promoting optimal development.


Possible Developmental Outcomes of Children Born Addicted

Possible Characteristic behaviours of children who have been prenatally exposed to drugs are due to not only organic damage. Other risk factors such as early insecure attachment patterns and ongoing environmental instability also contribute to difficulties.

Many studies have been done to monitor the developmental outcome of children born addicted to drugs. Most of the children born addicted were noted to have a high incidence of hyperactivity, inattention, and behavioral problems.

Researchers have also noted that there is mostly cognitive development issues (delays) with children born addicted.

Gross motor skills do not seem to be affected with studies done with children age 3-5 years of age.