Different ways children learn and reflect in their activities. Creating and thinking critically. Areas of learning and development.


Finding out and exploring

Exploratory play is important to all of us. It is how babies begin to understand their surroundings and the relationships between themselves and others, using all their senses and every part of the body. Babies and toddlers as young scientists, testing out and often repeating the same actions time and again to establish an idea about the object in question and what their own actions can do. Their explorations continue as they grow and develop.

Playing with what they knowv

From the beginning, as they play and explore, babies and young children build a repertoire of knowledge, skills, and understanding, using memory, and they are also able to imagine possibilities. This makes it possible for them to play with what they know.

Being willing to ‘have a go’v vPlay is the ideal context for trying things out, taking risks, making mistakes and challenging ourselves in other words, being willing to have a go. There are no activity children are better prepared for than fantasy play. Nothing is more dependable and risk-free, and the dangers are only pretend’.